The yearly award is given for field trial accomplishments in Colorado during the fall and following spring events.



to the 2004-2005 Colorado Dogs of the Year




The following dogs were the top point earners in their categories.



Open Categories

These awards are co-sponsored by the Northern Colorado Brittany Club and the Colorado Pointer Club.



Chuck Wagon

Owned by Don King


Chuck Wagon King 71
Poki Dot Johnson 45
Hunter Hill Oskar Lallas 45
Birchwood's In The Nick Oftime Mikolajczyk 45
Hideaway's Tiny Dancer Garcia 45


Gun Dog

Hunter Hill Sage

Owned by Frank Lallas

Hunter Hill Sage


Hunter Hill Sage Lallas 138
Kurzhaars Brandy Alexandendra Henry 90
Straitt Country D. Hidlago 82
Gabbe's High Plains Rock Solid Waide 45
Renegade's Regal Wrigley Burchett 45
Barney's Hi-Proof Ronrico Schaefer 45
RB Touched by Fire West 45
WVK Max Kelley 45



Henry's Monster Costello

Owned by Cordani


Henry's Monster Costello Cordani 87
Frank N Stein B Bailey 78
Traveler Prairie Run Sand 64
Hideaway's Tiny Dancer Garcia 52
Moonlights Fireflies Tri Hill 51





Heller’s Fiddlin Jack

Owned by Heller

Heller's Fiddlin Jack


Heller’s Fiddlin Jack Heller 95*
The Illustrious EB Farnum Clyker 68
Just Wait N'See Garcia 56
BK'S Pocket Rocket West 45
Belle’s Beau Max King 39


Amatuer Category

The perpetual Fred Schulze Memorial Amateur Gun Dog trophy is sponsored by Robert Schulein.

Gun Dog

Kurzhaars Brandy Alexandra

Owned by Turner


Kurzhaars Brandy Alexandra Turner 129*
Lightning Strike Devos 73
Heller's Wild Willy Heller 46
Odyssey's Tribute To Freedom Maher 45
Corrales Beau Geste Tunberg 45
Thunder Butt EZAltanaTonkaha Metzler 45