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The Premium for the Vizsla Club of Colorado Hunt Test has been posted. Double/Double Hunt Test with Gordon Setter Club



The Premium for the Mile High Weimeraner Club Hunt Test has been posted.



The Premium for the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club Hunt Test has been posted.



The Premium for the Skyline Brittany Club Field Trial has been posted.



The Premium for the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Colorado Field Trial has been posted.



The Premium for the Colorado Pointer Club Field Trial has been posted.

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This past seasons (2013 - 2014) Dog of the Year results have been posted



PAST dog of the year pages have been added back into the site.  This past season will be added soon



Login instructions and credentials have been give to each of the participating clubs to enter events into the calendar



The first premium has been added and the permission issues have been fixed.




The events for the upcoming season have been added to the calendar if you want to check out the new format.


We will be adding past events soon.


A training document will be sent to field trial secretairies soon.




Welcome to the new Field Trial News Website. This is a major redesign of the site and as such many of the features may not work yet but we are working on it.


The new site is automated and allows the field trial secretaries to enter their own event information.